Vivekanandan Suresh Kumar, PhD

Researcher in Learning Analytics, Technology-Enhanced Learning, Artificial Intelligence in Education


External Examiner

Internal Examiner at Athabasca University

Research Supervision

Post-doctoral fellows – Completed: 6; Current: 2

Athabasca University, Canada

Student's Name Title Year Role
Dr. Rafael Pinto Data Analytics in Educommunication of Communicable Diseases 2019-2021 Co-Supervisor
Dr. Geoffrey Glass Data analytics in sports: junior hockey analytics 2017-2019 Supervisor
Dr. Chaohua Gong Smart learning environments 2017-2018 Supervisor
Dr. Kannan Govindarajan High-performance computing 2015-2017 Co-Supervisor
Dr. Junfeng Yang Smart learning environments 2015-2016 Co-Supervisor
Dr. Moushir El Bishouty Competence assessment in research methods 2014-2015 Co-Supervisor
Dr. Stella Lee Self-directed learning 2014-2015 Co-Supervisor
Dr. Lanqin Zheng Co-regulated learning 2014-2015 Co-Supervisor

PhD students – Completed: 7; Current: 2

University of Eastern Finland, Finland

Student's Name Title Year Role
Mr. Richard Tortorella Adaptive context-aware systems 2015-2018 Co-Supervisor
Ms. Geetha Paulmani Transforming Research Culture – Measurement, analysis, and revitalization of processes and outcomes of contemporary research practices 2016- Co-Supervisor

University of Alberta, Canada

Student's Name Title Year Role
Mr. Amin Mousavi Competence assessment 2014-2015 Project Supervisor

Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, Canada

Student's Name Title Year Role
Mr. Geoffrey Glass Culture of software 2013-2014 Project Supervisor
Ms. Stephanie Chu Graphical navigational aids 2005-2008 Co-Supervisor

University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield, UK

Student's Name Title Year Role
Ms. Stella Lee Self-directed learning 2010-2014 Co-Supervisor

Massey University, Palmerston North, New Zealand

Student's Name Title Year Role
Ms. Hiba Mustafa Promoting novice to expert transition in diagnostic problem-solving domains 2007-2008 Co-Supervisor

Simon Fraser University, Surrey, Canada

Student's Name Title Year Role
Mr. Andy Law Combinatorial auction 2002-2005 Co-Supervisor

Master's Students – Completed: 39; Current: 2

Athabasca University, Canada

Student's Name Title Year Role
Ms. Diane Mitchnick Healthcare analytics 2011–2019 Supervisor
Mr. Ajibade Shodunke Data Privacy Exchanges 2019- Supervisor
Mr. Paul Ainslie Using visualizations to ensure privacy of healthcare data 2019 Supervisor
Mr. Eric Pelletier Health Privacy, Informed Consent and De-Identification 2018-2019 Supervisor
Mr. Bruce Davidson Visualizing Healthcare Benefits through IS-Impact Model 2017-2018 Co-Supervisor
Mr. Daniel Venne Computer Vision in Sports Analytics 2016- Supervisor
Mr. Joel Burrows Music Analytics 2016-2018 Supervisor
Ms. Miao-Han Chang Clustering of annotations in online reading 2016-2019 Co-Supervisor
Mr. Bertrand Sodjahin Big data in bioinformatics 2014-2018 Supervisor
Mr. Alex Colic Enhancing search in enterprise content management systems with social tagging and semantic analysis 2013-2014 Supervisor
Ms. Judy Vathallor Big data learning analytics in MOOC 2012-2014 Supervisor
Ms. Lorna Brown Dashboards for learning analytics 2012-2014 Supervisor
Mr. Rahim Virani Big data platform for analytics 2012-2015 Supervisor
Mr. Lino Forner Assessing instructional design of online courses 2010-2013 Supervisor
Mr. Steve Kalmar Student attrition in computer science courses: issues and guidelines 2010-2013 Supervisor
Ms. Ireti Fakinlede Anthropomorphic pedagogical agents 2010-2017 Supervisor
Mr. Steven Harris Identifying student difficulty and frustration from discussion forum postings 2010-2018 Supervisor
Mr. Clayton Clemens Writing analytics 2010-2017 Supervisor
Mr. Kevin Haghighat Regulating debugging competency using coding analytics 2009-2015 Supervisor
Mr. Rohit Chugh Managing SOA and MDA 2009-2011 Supervisor
Mr. Buvana Sankar Data warehousing in Informatica 2009-2010 Supervisor
Mr. Walter Ridgewell Determination and exploitation of security vulnerabilities in networked game devices 2008-2011 Supervisor
Mr. Munir El Kadi Automated assessment of instructional design of online 2008-2011 Supervisor

Massey University, Wellington, New Zealand

Student's Name Title Year Role
Mr. David Brokenshire Discovering causal models of self-regulated learning 2007-2008 Supervisor
Mr. Liam Doherty Writing Analytics 2007-2008 Supervisor

Simon Fraser University, Surrey, Canada

Student's Name Title Year Role
Mr. David Brokenshire Discovering causal models of self-regulated learning 2004-2007 Supervisor
Ms. Shilpi Rao Model tracing of coding styles of programmers: A formative approach 2003-2007 Co-Supervisor
Mr. Baljeet Dhaliwal Interoperability in LMS 2004-2006 Supervisor
Mr. Jonathan Hatol Movement ontology 2003-2006 Supervisor
Mr. John Chan Social user interfaces in Simulation and Advanced Gaming Environments 2004-2006 Supervisor
Ms. Wenting Ma Pedagogical metadata for learning objects 2003-2006 Co-Supervisor
Mr. Timmy Eap Modifying topologies of Peer-to-peer network to facilitate community exchange 2005-2006 Co-Supervisor
Ms. Yufen (Tina) Jiang Performance evaluation of SIP based conferencing architecture over the IEEE 802.11 network 2004-2006 Co-Supervisor
Ms. Jurika Shakya Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Dissemination in Mixed-Initiatives 2002-2005 Supervisor
Mr. Alain Deschenes Bioinformatics - Structure prediction and visualization of biomolecules 2002-2005 Co-Supervisor
Mr. Andrew Choi Towards Browsing Distant MetaData with Semantic Signature 2002-2005 Co-Supervisor
Ms. Lai Kuen Ontological Model for Representation of Learning Objectives 2002-2005 Co-Supervisor
Mr. Rui Wang Conducting Learning Object Review using an Iterative Model 2002-2005 Co-Supervisor
Mr. Behzad Samin Effects of Self-Regulated Learning in programming 2002-2004 Supervisor
Ms. Kate Han Learning object quality rating using BBN 2002-2004 Supervisor
Ms. Jean Jiang Multimedia in wireless communication 2001-2002 Supervisor

Research Supervision Summary

While at Institution Category Thesis/Project Supervisor Thesis/Project Co-Supervisor Research Assistant Supervisor Total
Total 46 24 73 143
Athabasca University Post-Doctoral Fellows 2 6 8
Athabasca University PhD (3 thesis supervision & 2 project supervision) 5 5
Athabasca University Masters 21 2 2 25
Athabasca University Undergraduates (Includes USRA) 6 14 20
Athabasca University MITACS, Accelerate Researchers 6 6
Athabasca University MITACS, Elevate Researchers 1 1
Athabasca University Visiting students 2 2
Massey University Post-Doctoral Fellows
Massey University PhD 1 1
Massey University Masters 2 2
Massey University Undergraduates
Simon Fraser University Post-Doctoral Fellows
Simon Fraser University PhD 2 2
Simon Fraser University Masters 8 8 16
Simon Fraser University Undergraduates (Includes USRA) 54 54
Simon Fraser University Others (Exchange students) 1 1

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