Vive Kumar

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Curent Position

Curent Position

July 2015-

▸ Full Professor, School of Computing and Information Systems, Athabasca University, Edmonton, Canada

Education & Degrees Awarded

Education & Degrees Awarded

Ph.D. (Computer Science)

▸ University of Saskatchewan, Canada, June 2001,, title: Helping the helper in peer help networks, Best graduate in 2001

M.C.A (Computer Science)

▸ Bharathiar University, India, April 1990, 1st Rank in University

B.Sc (Physics)

▸ Bharathiar University, India, April 1987, 3rd Rank in University

Other Education & Training, Qualifications & Skills

Other Education & Training, Qualifications & Skills

▸ Undertaking research with human participants, Massey University, 2007

▸ PhD supervision, Massey University, 2007

▸ Teaching and learning with technology, Simon Fraser University, 2003

▸ Occupational health and safety committee training, Workers’ Compensation Board, 2003

▸ Managing multiple projects, objectives and deadlines, SkillPath Seminars, 2002

▸ Mastering educational technology and learning, TechBC/Simon Fraser Univ., Surrey, 2001

▸ Occupational health and safety training, University of Saskatchewan, 1994

Previous Work Experience

Previous Work Experience

▸ Apr 2016 – June 2017 – Research and Study Leave (sabbatical)

▸ July 2014 – Sep 2015 – Associate Dean, Faculty of Graduate Studies Athabasca University, Edmonton, Canada

▸ July 2013 – Jan 2015 – Chair, Research Ethics Board Athabasca University, Edmonton, Canada

▸ July 2013 – Nov. 2014 – Program Director, Faculty of Science and Technology Athabasca University, Edmonton, Canada

▸ Aug 2008 – June 2015 – Associate Professor, School of Computing and Information Systems Athabasca University, Edmonton, Canada

▸ Sep 2006 – Jul 2008 – Senior Lecturer, Institute of Information Sciences and Technology Massey University, Wellington, New Zealand

▸ Sep 2006 – Jul 2008 – Adjunct Professor, School of Interactive Arts and Technology Simon Fraser University, Surrey, Canada

▸ Jun 2001 – Aug 2006 – Assistant Professor, School of Interactive Arts and Technology (2001-2002, known as the Technical University of British Columbia) Simon Fraser University, Surrey, Canada

▸ Jan 2006 – Jul 2006 – Team Leader / Educational Technologist / Instructional Designer Multimedia Specialist Deputed to Open University of Sri Lanka, Colombo, Sri Lanka

▸ Jan 2004 – Jan 2006 – Co-Director, InfoNet Media Centre Simon Fraser University, Surrey, Canada

▸ Jun 2001 – Jun 2002 – Assistant Professor Technical University of BC, Canada

▸ Jan 2001 – Jun 2001 – Part-time PhD student University of Saskatchewan, Canada

▸ Sep 1995 – Dec 2000 – Full-time PhD student University of Saskatchewan, Canada

▸ Sep 1995 – Nov 1999 – Research Assistant, Advanced Research in Intelligent Educational Systems University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

▸ Dec 1992 – May 1993 – United Nations Fellow, Learning Research and Development Centre University of Pittsburgh, USA

▸ Sep 1990 – Aug 1995 – Scientist Centre for Development of Advance Computing (previously, National Centre for Software Technology), Mumbai, India

Awards, Prizes & Honours

Awards, Prizes & Honours

▸ July 2014 - Best Full Paper Award for Boulanger D., Seanosky J., Kumar V., Kinshuk, Panneerselvam K., Somasundaram T.S. (2014), Optimizing learning through smart causal analytics on learning (SCALE). Conference on Smart Learning Environments, pp. 275-282

▸ May 2001 - Best Computer Science Graduate Award of 2001 at the University of Saskatchewan

▸ Apr 1997 - Best Paper Award for Collins J.A., Greer J.E., Kumar V., McCalla G.I., Meagher P., Tkatch R. (1997), Inspectable User Models for Just-In-Time Workplace Training. UM’97, the Sixth International Conference on User Modeling, pp. 327–337

▸ Sep 1995 - NSERC Graduate Scholarship, University of Saskatchewan

▸ Dec 1992 - Fellow of the United Nations Development Program, Learning Research and Development Centre, University of Pittsburgh, PA, USA

▸ Jan 1992 - Best Paper Award for Kumar V., Srinivas P., and Anjaneyulu K.S.R., A Review of Techniques in Intelligent Language Tutoring Systems. East-West Conference on Emerging Technologies in Education, Moscow, Russia, 1992, pp. n/a

▸ May 1990 - First Rank among Master of Computer Application students at Bharathiar University, India

▸ May 1987 - Third Rank among Bachelor of Science students at Bharathiar University, India

Industry Related Merits

Industry Related Merits

Industry work experience

▸ Nov 1999-Dec 2000 Systems Analyst, International Road Dynamics Inc., Saskatoon, Canada

▸ Jul 1994-Nov 1994 Senior Software Engineer, Axes Technologies, Dallas, TX, USA

Industry / NGO Collaboration (Since 2008)

▸ 2017-ongoing With CNRL, Canada – Knowledge traces of trainee competences within 3D virtual reality and augmented reality testing and training environments

▸ 2017-ongoing With 87 Inc., Canada – Sensor-based skill recognition of junior hockey players

▸ 2015-2016 With Microsoft Inc., USA – Azure in Open Learning Analytics

▸ 2015-ongoing With IMS Global, USA – Open Learning Analytics Platform

▸ 2014-ongoing With McGraw-Hill Education, USA – Big Data Learning Analytics

▸ 2014-2015 With Rotary International, Dharapuram, India

▸ 2014-ongoing With Xerox Inc., Canada – Ubiquitous computing

▸ 2014-ongoing With ComputeCanada, Canada – High performance computing

▸ 2014-ongoing With Albatross Gaming Inc., Canada – Big Data Game Strategy Analytics

▸ 2014-2015 With Troglo Inc., Canada – Big Data Analytics for Demography prediction

▸ 2013-ongoing With WestGrid, Canada – high performance computing

▸ 2013-ongoing With Cybera, Canada – high performance computing

▸ 2012-ongoing With Canadian Natural Resources Limited – AR/VR Training Analytics

▸ 2012-2013 With Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute – Big Data Learning Analytics

▸ 2012-2015 With ARBRI – Athabasca River Basin Research Institute volunteer

Research Focus and Areas

Research Vision

Big Data Learning Analytics and Causal Modelling

Imagine a software agent that calls your computer its home, helps you to study better, be your friend, and motivates you to act in your long-term best interest, consistent with your own deepest values, personal, social, and other standards. My research aims to build, deploy, and evaluate a suite of such agents called anthropomorphic agents that mimic and do better on human-like traits to assist learners in their regulatory tasks. Further, these agents will self-regulate, as well as causally model their own anthropomorphic traits such as initiative and subject matter competence in order to inspire high level of trust, shared perspective, and entitativity, thus increasing the learners’ willingness to view them as competent partner for co-regulation and to inspire learners to make the optimal regulatory changes. To sustain and to succeed in performing such tasks, the agents rely on big data learning analytics techniques where, sensors continuously observe study episodes of learners, distributed ontologies continuously instantiate study activities, causal models continuously establish relationships among study experiences, high performance platforms continuously offer real-time computing resources, and pedagogical models continuously look for ways to motivate, engage, classify, learn, and promote subject knowledge and study skills. These agents aim to attune themselves to the needs of an individual learner or a group of learners, over life, to optimise learning experiences.


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    About Dr. Vivekanandan Suresh Kumar


    Professor • Computer Science • School of Computing and Information Systems • Faculty of Science and Technology • Athabasca University, Canada

    Dr. Vivekanandan Kumar is Full Professor in the School of Computing and Information Systems at Athabasca University, Canada. He holds the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada’s (NSERC) Discovery Grant on Anthropomorphic Pedagogical Agents, funded by the Government of Canada. Imagine a world where software agents living inside your computer teach, play, study and mentor you — motivating your interests, challenging you and improving the way you live and learn. His research focuses on developing anthropomorphic agents, which mimic and perfect human-like traits to better assist learners in their regulatory tasks. His research includes investigating technology-enhanced erudition methods that employ Big Data Learning Analytics, Self-Regulated Learning, Co-Regulated Learning, Causal Modelling, and Machine Learning, to facilitate deep learning. He earned his doctoral degree in Computer Science (PhD) from the University of Saskatchewan, Canada, as the best graduating student in 2001. He holds a master’s degree in Computer Science Applications (MCA) as the first rank holder from Bharathiar University, India, where he also completed his bachelor’s degree (BSc) in Physics with a minor in Mathematics. He launched his professional career in 1990 as a Scientist at the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing in Mumbai, India. During this tenure, he won a United Nations fellowship to train at the Learning Research and Development Centre, University of Pittsburgh, USA. During his first academic appointment in 2001 as Assistant Professor at Simon Fraser University, Canada, he worked as an Educational Technologist with the Asian Development Bank to develop an online learning infrastructure and a master’s degree programme in educational technology for the Open University of Sri Lanka. He took up an academic position as Senior Lecturer with Massey University in Wellington, New Zealand in 2006. Two years later, he returned to Canada as Associate Professor in Athabasca University’s School of Computing and Information Systems. With backing from major research funds in Canada such as NSERC, SSHRC, and CFI, he has become an active member and contributor to the research community in Canada. With over 100 research publications in refereed journals, international refereed conferences, and book chapters, and with tightly focused professional activities that include being a journal editor, funding reviewer, and conference administrator, he strives to advance analytics-oriented, computer-mediated, causality-infused balance between learning efficiency and instructional effectiveness. He is passionate about networked knowledge economies, social change through science fiction, empowerment of women through information and communication technologies, and comparative analyses of native cultures.

    Personal Info

    •   1.780.690.3900 (cell)
    •   1200, 10011 – 109 St, Edmonton, AB, T5J 3S8   Canada (Office)
    •   5501, 50 Avenue, Beaumont, AB, T4X 1C9   Canada (Home Office)

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    Dr Kumar has an ability to provide exceptional direction and opportunities for his large cadre of students. His students are folded in to his research program as part of the team and this team atmosphere generates collegiality and students learn to interact as colleagues and researchers. His students are...

    Shawn Fraser, PhD
    Associate Professor
    Faculty of Health Disciplines
    Athabasca University
    In addition to inspiring the use of data analytics to customize personalized learning that caters to learner’s abilities, Dr. Kumar encourages external relationships with other sectors (as evident in the information technology, healthcare and special education fields involved in my research), creating a...

    Diane Mitchnick, MScIS
    Athabasca University
    Dr. Kumar possesses a grand vision for the research he oversees, and inspired our learning analytics research group with that vision. To help achieve this goal, Dr. Kumar provided an environment where all of his students could share and inform one another on our work. Not only did this environment give us...

    Clayton Clemens, MScIS
    Athabasca University
    I did not know much about Prof. Kumar before choosing him as my Supervisor. It was through the recommendations of one of my fellow MSc. IS students. Looking back today, this is the best supervision choice I’ve ever made. Under Professor Kumar’s Supervision, I’ve received several...

    Bertrand S., MScIS
    Athabasca University
    I have been working with Dr. Kumar as his research assistant since 2012 on many projects in learning analytics. Dr. Kumar has always been inspiring to me as for his keen vision of research and his pursuit of excellence. His passion for research is communicated everywhere. Prof. Kumar is very gifted in motivating...

    David Boulanger
    Research Assistant
    Athabasca University
    I have been working under Professor Kumar as an undergraduate student and research assistant for the past four years. I have worked in several very diversified research projects with Prof. Kumar and have been greatly enriched by those experiences. Prof. Kumar has always been...

    Jeremie Seanosky
    Research Assistant
    Athabasca University
    In the multiple projects we worked together, every interaction with Prof Kumar has been a rich and enjoyable experience. He represents a wonderful balance between encouraging to take on new challenges while having this human personal sensitivity to ensure I’m not overwhelmed. He provides...

    Isabelle Guillot
    Research Assistant
    Athabasca University
    Prof. Kumar has a special ability to create and stimulate interest for new research areas involving the use of advanced technology. His passion and excitement for any new ideas and futuristic research projects are contagious. While focusing on learning analytics and all the technologies that would...

    Rebecca Guillot
    Research Assistant
    Athabasca University

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